6 Tactics To Harness The Potential Of Facebook

The relevance of social media such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, among others, in the lives of the users that make up our public should not be ignored .

In any content marketing strategy , it is important to work on the activity in social networks that the enterprise will have.

It is also true that, when defining a social media strategy , there is an interesting and somewhat confusing multiplicity of platforms with different advantages and particular benefits.

They all target a different audience or allow the user access in a different way. It is also necessary to select from the content offered.

However, Facebook is still the most used and fastest growing social network in the latest statistics.

Neil Patel refers to this medium in his article for QuickSprout  and helps us better understand the reasons why having participation in Facebook is essential to achieve greater actions and conversions by users.

In addition, this successful businessman in social media and digital marketing shows us tools to think of some tactics in order to get shares and likes on Facebook.

Tips To Harness The Potential Of Facebook

# 1 Personalization of the experience

In social networks, taking Facebook as a particular example , individual profiles are created. The user focuses on himself. Therefore, your business should try to offer the most personalized experience possible.

The consumer must really believe that the content is intended for him, prepared for him. Of course, you can not enter the mind of each person, nor can you label each of the users.


But it is possible to use some words or phrases, rhetorical strategies, that make clear who you are working for: the client.

Addressing the public with words like “you” or “you”, offering solutions, advice or valuable content , is one of the ways to personalize your proposal.

# 2 Call to action

On more occasions than you think, the user accesses content, he likes it, but it is not as clear to him as to what he can do with it. The CTA (call to action) are very effective in social networks to collaborate with the concerns of the consumer.

It is productive to provide the option to like or share . Perhaps, by asking a question like “Would you like to share this article?”, You can achieve the expected action and increase your conversions.

If the content is good and it serves, the user will not object to spreading it.

Citing examples from Twitter , beginning the messages with “Please retweet…” the expected results have doubled. It is proven that you should not always repeat the same call to action, as it can lose strength in the face of constant repetition.

# 3 Trending topics

Users are becoming infected with the themes that are installed daily in the top positions of relevance. Both on Facebook and Twitter there are topics that rank high and nobody wants to be left out or without commenting on them.

It will not always be possible to connect with your business, but to be visible and on everyone’s lips you can share content on these topics.

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The idea is to link you with the topics that are broadcast at the moment on social networks . Be part of what everyone talks about.

# 4 Select social networks

As an entrepreneur you may be tempted to offer buttons to share the social networks where you have social participation. However, it is recommended to select only two or three, with Facebook as one of them.

The idea is to  facilitate the user the decision process. This has to do with the process that involves choosing in which social network, of all those in which you participate, you want to promote the content.

On the other hand, it is an excellent way to select where you want to direct your content and your efforts. You can think about which platforms will mean the most benefits for your business .

It is a good measure to get more shares on a major social network like Facebook than the same amount scattered across multiple media.

# 5 take position

With your venture you can take a position on the issues that matter to your users through the use of social networks.

People need to share content to make their values ​​and point of view clear. They want to tell their friends about what they agree with or what situations they are involved in.

From your place you can also take a position on various topics, for example animal abuse, gender violence and other issues that imply the need to maintain a certain sensitivity.

Your business can show commitment, values ​​and, in addition, provide the user with content to share and spread among their friends.

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The first thing you have to define is how you want the consumer to consider your brand: committed, cool, fun, etc. From there, you can work out your strategy.

# 6 Create the commitment to share

An effective tactic to make a profit on Facebook has to do with generating the user the commitment or “obligation” to share certain content .

I use quotes because the final decision to broadcast is always made by the consumer.

However, in general, the people who participate in these social networks try to raise awareness about a problem.

If you need to share what you post, it’s a good idea to promote content related to situations that pose a problem for the community or that call users to collaborate for a just cause.

It is essential to target sensitivity, to mobilize emotions and to satisfy the user’s need  to collaborate.

All these tactics, adding the possibility of optimizing the content by working in SEO or adding the share buttons in the images of your websites, are designed so that your brand makes the most of a social network as productive as Facebook.

Do you have other strategies? Share your experience with us.

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