The protagonist of digital marketing during this 2017 has undoubtedly been technology, technological innovations and DATA have paved the way for communication between companies and their consumers. Being up to date with these developments has become essential when carrying out any strategy within online marketing , since knowing these digital marketing trends will facilitate the hard work of defining a budget for each action.

2018 will be the year of consolidation and maturation of those technologies used during 2017 (such as  chatbots  or  DMP technology ), below we detail the top 10 in digital marketing trends.


The data has become the fuel of the 21st century. In the past, actions were carried out and valuable data was obtained from their analysis and measurement of results. Now the world has changed,  the data has become the value that determines action within online marketing , all our movements made on the Internet make up a ‘virtual network’, each line created incorporates valuable information. We are all data generators, and the famous  Big Data  gives companies an  intangible value , which allows us to  record patterns of  consumer behavior . Carrying out a Business Intelligence process   is vital to know interpret the recorded data , to later  categorize  them optimally and effectively to achieve the success of any action.


DMPs are centralized data management platforms, the purpose of which is to provide advertisers with the necessary information so that they can subsequently outline their ideal target to which to deliver their products or services through digital advertising . For data collection and management, DMPs employ internal and external sources to the advertiser:

  • Internal Sources:  data from  email marketing campaigns ,  web traffic ,  corporate social networks  or  display actions   (impressions, clicks, conversions …)
  • External Sources:  information in relation to  age ,  gender ,  likes ,  hobbies ,  interests ,  profession ,  geographic location …

The combination of this data will allow advertisers to know when, how and where an action will be optimally carried out, reaching and impacting the largest number of users. DMPs have become fundamental tools when managing investment in digital advertising. Three of the major DMP platforms are  Oracle BlueKai ,  MediaMath,  and  Adobe Audience Manager . Take note, because DMPs promise to be one of the big digital marketing trends!


The importance of the visual is imminent, the image and the video have become the ideal format when it comes to generating greater  engagement  by consumers. Regarding the visual value scale,  a video helps to empathize more than a photograph , an infographic works better than a text, and a GIF attracts more attention than a static image. In this context, it should be emphasized that video is the King of content. Regarding social networks  , it should be noted that those classified as visual (for example  Instagram ) are booming. Facebook has been one of the media that most bets on visual content and augmented reality. And of course, we couldn’t forget about Pinterest, a social network increasingly involved with ecommerce  that takes care of every detail in the design of images. Remember that you can find out the  statistics on the use of social networks in Spain in 2017 and our IV Study on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users in Spain by visiting our blog.


As we already told you a few months ago,  Growth Hacking  is gaining strength in our country, and definitely 2018 promises to be its year. Within the digital marketing trends in relation to results marketing , Growth Hacking based on quickly and effectively increasing the number of  leads  (users) with the minimum investment by a brand or company, being the ideal strategy to identify forms of growth with respect to a new challenge, an increasingly demanding consumer, more informed, and less receptive to the saturation of messages.



Regarding search engine marketing, voice search is one of the digital marketing trends in 2018 to highlight, since it will have a significant impact on the SEO strategy of any company. Google and Amazon are among the companies that have developed ‘digital voice assistants’, with their respective  Google Home  and  Amazon Echo projects  ,  initiatives that promote the daily comfort of consumers when solving specific questions, reaching a conversation of The most real thing between the user and the ‘assistant’ through it solves the concerns raised.


The mobile has become an inseparable friend, without which we do not know or want to be. We use it for practically everything, to consult, buy, access social networks … Therefore, without a doubt,  the mobile must be one of the cornerstones of any online marketing strategy to be carried out in 2018.  The  smartphone  They are part of our day to day, and a clear example of their great importance are the number of mobile apps that appear in order to streamline our daily routines, in addition to promoting our communication or interaction with brands, and providing any type of information to help us in the decision of a purchase.


We recently told you about  Chatbots , and the great revolution they are causing within the digital marketing trends. And we were not wrong! These ‘virtual assistants’ have a rope for a while, and will continue to be a trend throughout 2018. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in development for years, providing companies with many advantages, such as rapid management in the field of Customer Service through response automation.

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Who does not already know the term  influencer ? Consumers continue to have these ‘brand prescribers’ in their sights, following their steps, their advice and basing their buying decision on them ( influencer  marketing ). The brands that are aware of the great power they have are willing to collaborate with them, in order to jointly ‘fall in love’ with their consumers. Therefore, in the first place it is still vital to know  how to identify an  Influencer , to later  develop an effective influence strategy  on the  appropriate platforms .


The content remains an important nexus of union between a company and its consumers, therefore, make a selection of topics and relevant content for our subscribers is paramount. The Internet provides an excess of information, from which lies the importance of Content Curation . Among all the ‘informational tide’ existing on the network, the content curator must have the ability to rescue and ‘curate’ content that really adds value to the community, and then make it available to the audience.


We keep talking about content! Online audio is one of the formats that is gaining strength within digital marketing trends, and 2018 will undoubtedly be its year. This type of content is extremely attractive, since its consumption is much more enjoyable than a text. This type of format has been one of the last bets of  Facebook , which has not hesitated to risk for its ‘Live Audio’, a new system to broadcast live through the social network.

We hope that this list of trends has activated your mind, and after taking note, you are planning which trends (or trends) to choose to explore in the coming year. We only advise you that your choice whatever it is, is based above all on your needs and budget.

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