4 Best Logo Makers to Try for Creating Your Logo

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An eye-catching brand logo design can make your brand stand out, which is one of the reasons why many brands attach great importance to logo design. Generally speaking, big companies and big brands will hire professional designers for brand design and production, so the cost of logo design is generally prohibitive.

But for, entrepreneurs who are just starting without much budget, like bloggers or YouTubers, can choose a more cost-effective way to complete the brand logo design. This article will introduce five professional brand logo makers. Even if you don’t know any professional design knowledge, you can design a professional logo and help you save logo design costs.

4 professional brand logo makers Recommended


Canva is an online design tool that many people are using and recommending. You can also see a lot of Canva teaching through Google search and YouTube. Many bloggers and YouTubers love Canva because it is easy to operate, supports 100+ design types, and provides thousands of free photos and image materials.

Canva also provides more than 250,000 free design templates and 5 GB of cloud storage space if you don’t know too much professional design knowledge.  


VistaCreate and Canva are powerful online design tools. You can not only design logo through it, but you can also design graphics designs such as YouTube channel images, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook post images, Instagram posts Images, Instagram Stories, Podcast Covers, Ads, eBooks, Blog Post Covers, Infographics, Slideshows, Tiktok Videos, Merchandise and more. In short, VistaCreate can meet almost all the image and video designs required for online entrepreneurship.

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VistaCreate free version provides more than 50,000 design templates, more than 1 million creative materials, free fonts, free music, free animation, etc. In addition, it also provides free 10 GB cloud space to help you store your designs, which is a design tool worthy of choice.


DesignEvo is a platform specializing in logo design, and it provides an online website and launched mobile applications and desktop computer versions. DesignEvo is very simple to make a logo. You can choose your favorite style from more than 10,000 templates and modify it again, or you can design your logo from scratch.

DesignEvo provides a very rich logo customization function. You can choose icons, text, shapes, and backgrounds according to your needs. DesignEvo makes logo design easier. If you want to obtain the commercial copyright of the designed logo, you only need to pay a one-time purchase, and the price is not high.


NameCheap is the most cost-effective domain registrar. In fact, NameCheap also provides hosting services. Besides, NameCheap is a free logo generator it provides for Internet entrepreneurs.

You only need to select fonts, colors, icons, styles, etc. According to the generator’s prompts, NameCheap will automatically generate different logo designs for you according to your preferences. You can modify online according to the selected logo design, which is very simple and convenient.

Brand Logo Design FAQ

Can the logo generated by the logo generator be commercialized?

It can be used for commercial use, but generally, you need to pay for the commercial use rights, so before you design or use it, you need to read the relevant terms of use carefully. Otherwise, you may receive relevant legal proceedings.

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Can you use logo makers without any design knowledge?

Sure. The logo maker is a tool to help Internet entrepreneurs who don’t know much about professional design knowledge. According to logo makers’ requirements, you only need to choose your favorite fonts, colors, icons, and other elements. The logo generator will automatically generate many different Logos for you according to your preferences for you to choose. You can also modify it again based on the generated results.


Although the logo maker can help you quickly generate various logo designs with one click, you still need to position your brand according to your audience and niche market. In addition, your logo design should reflect the brand value from the icons, fonts, colors, and other aspects used in the Logo Meaning with Logo.

If you prefer to find a professional designer for brand logo design, there are different options depending on your budget. Companies generally tend to look for professional designers for logo design, but they can also find professional designers through the well-known outsourcing platform Upwork. If the budget is not too large for individual bloggers or YouTubers, it can be automatically generated by the Logo generator or designed by yourself. If you don’t want to design it yourself, you can do it for $5 on the outsourcing platform Fiverr.

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