How To Use Mobile Game Marketing To Promote Your Game Through Social Media

Mobile Game Marketing

Developers can get pretty creative on the different mobile games they’d like to launch, but once the game is set up and ready to get out to the public, the next step would be to promote the game. Like anything published online or for online use, such as an online casino reviews page, you want the product, content, or service to reach its target audience and spread among fans. 

If you have a relatively low budget, mobile game marketing can be a little tricky for you because you’re competing with influential publishers who have large budgets. But with the use of social media marketing, you now have a relatively affordable and effective way to get the word out there about your game. So, let’s get into how you can promote your game through different social media platforms. 

Define The Target Audience

Any successful social media campaign is built on knowing your audience and understanding who you’re trying to target. To do this, you want to look at the type of users who play your mobile game or would be interested in wanting to play it. So here, you would consider factors like gender, location, age, income level, interests and hobbies, and what attracts them to your game. With this information, you can use it to define your target audience and ultimately create an improved social media marketing strategy. 

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Know The Different Social Media Platforms

After defining your target audience, get an idea of the different social media platforms you can use. For instance, if your target audience is male and female gen Z based in the US, your audience will likely be on Snapchat and TikTok instead of Facebook. With an understanding of where to find your audience, you’ll have a proper focus on which platforms to pay attention to. Influential platforms with large audiences that you would definitely want to look into include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Launch Content That Will Grab The Attention Of Your Social Media Audience

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you must create written and visual content that will grab all the attention it needs. It has to be something that will make people want to give your game a try right after seeing it. 

With your visual content, you can use a fun game trailer, icons, various graphics, screenshots, and gameplay videos to make it exciting and entertaining to look at. And with the written content, you want to keep your message short, precise, and catchy so people understand what you’re saying within a matter of seconds. 

Promote User-Generated Content

Posting user-generated content is another way to get attention on social media. It convinces people why your game is worth giving a shot at and is a free testimonial that you get from fans who would be interested in sharing their experiences about your mobile game. 

Take Advantage Of Paid Ads Available On Social Media

Social media networks now work as ad platforms, which you can take advantage of when you’re looking to promote your mobile game. With paid ads, you can get quick and scalable results, a well-targeted target audience, and high visibility. So, depending on your budget and the type of game you’re launching, you’ll choose an ad network that you know will work in your favor. 

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Get Social Media Influencers To Promote Your Game

If you want to get more users, you’ll want to consider teaming up with a gaming influencer. Because of their following, influencers are highly influential in getting your game out there while exposing it to a massive audience. Therefore, you want to find yourself a good influencer who has an audience that’s aligned with your target audience so your efforts make sense. 

Create A Community For Your Game

Build a community around the game you intend on launching by being social. Here, you’ll be able to provide your audience with valuable information, acknowledge your fan’s opinions, and answer any questions people may have. It’s all about using social media to its full potential to gain maximum results from your efforts. 

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