Importance and Forms of Digital Marketing Strategies in Melbourne

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Melbourne is known to be the second-largest city following Sydney. As the capital of Victoria in Australia, it is perceived to be highly cosmopolitan and globalized due to various advancements made in the city. Also, it is known as a city aiming to be the global centre of finance and business. So, all business sectors in this city are given importance, including marketing, logistics, finance, and the like. Nevertheless, this article would focus on discussing how digital marketing services in Melbourne play a significant role in increasing the sales of retail stores in Australia, including various kinds that would be considered digital advertisement.

Numerous marketing agencies offer different digital services in Melbourne; it became evident along with the large increase in sales of online retail stores caused by the pandemic. Therefore, digital marketing services have become in demand for the businesses located in Melbourne, just like in other places, to promote their companies remotely to the public. To further explain, digital marketing services in Melbourne are firms that increase the value of a business and the product or service offered in Australia. Furthermore, the city is part of a country with various companies focusing on their engagement with the public. The said type of marketing guides the business owner regarding the possible response of consumers to their products due to the advertisements and marketing strategy they are implementing. 

According to Hughes (2021), various Australian businesses’ online marketing strategies from different sectors have mostly been spent on online search advertising, amounting to 4 billion Australian dollars. It is followed by the company’s marketing display, costing them around 3.6 billion; then video advertising, with an estimated 2 billion Australian dollars; and classified marketing strategies with an estimated 1.5 billion. He also added the total amount spent by businesses in Australia for their digital advertising in 2020, amounting to 9.1 billion Australian dollars. It would also easily be seen from the graph presented that Australian companies have steadily increased funds for their digital marketing. Therefore, just like other businesses in other cities in Australia, Melbourne companies also secure funds for their digital marketing.

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Types of Digital Marketing Service

As one of the important business sectors in Melbourne, it is important to know the different services being offered when talking about digital marketing. Furthermore, it significantly affects the growth and development of a company. Hence, they must have an idea regarding the differences in marketing strategies to identify the most appropriate for the kind of business they are running. Here is a brief explanation regarding the differences of the types of digital marketing services, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization – It is where possible consumers would easily find the business once they explored and searched on the internet. Keywords are used to allow for the products or services of the business to be discovered by various individuals. Therefore, the role of various search engines is essential with this type of digital advertisement because, without them, this kind of strategy would not work.
  • Pay-per-click – It is known to be a paid advertisement and is usually seen first after a person used a search engine. The strategy is a short-term practice because once a business stops paying for it, the advertisement shown would also cease from appearing. In addition to that, the person who wants to engage in this kind of marketing strategy can decide whether they want the advertisement to be shown worldwide or in a specific location. Thus, it is very helpful for businesses with a traditional physical store that wants to digitally promote their business.
  • Social Media Marketing – Its advertisements can be seen on various social media platforms, which is very engaging for people who usually use it, including Facebook, Instagram, and the like. The effectiveness of this kind of marketing depends on how engaging a business made for their post to promote themselves; so, it must be thoroughly planned and executed.
  • Email Marketing – It is a type of digital marketing strategy that would advertise a business’ product or service to the email of those that have subscribed to the business’ website. Besides advertising the business, it allows the consumer to discover other products or services and keep the interactive relationship between them. So, it is useful for a type of business that usually releases a new product or service and various kinds of discounts for their consumers.
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To sum it up, digital marketing services significantly impact a business’s growth because it involves engagement and image building with the possible market consumer that they are targeting.

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