5 Technological Trends That Have Influenced the NBA


Technology has changed the world. Its impact is seen across various industries, including the world of sports. The NBA picks today, for example, are only accessible because of the massive influence of technology in the National Basketball Association. 

It goes far beyond that, however, and this article explores five technological trends that have influenced the NBA in recent years:

Wearable Technology

A fan’s dream is to have their best player playing for as long as possible without fearing injuries that might end their career. Technology’s advancement is making this dream a reality with wearable tech inventions like performance socks, compression shorts, and the ShotTracker.

These pieces of technology monitor the player’s performance and give data on potential injury prevention cues, muscle performance, and injury indicators. An amazing fact is that these pieces of clothing feel normal and do not distract the players from their game.

The ShotTracker uses a wrist sensor and a net sensor to record a player’s attempts, misses, and shots he makes while shooting. The court zone map is accessible on the app and can tell the player where to improve and a likely area for his best shot.

Instant Replay Technology

Instant replay is one of the technological trends that has greatly influenced the NBA. It allows basketball officials to review the game in high quality, thereby eradicating possibilities of error in the referee’s call.

The technology also helps the coaches and players see mistakes and where to make improvements. It shows the game through various camera angles and speeds and can put plays beside each other, zoom in and play in slow motion.


The NBA uses this technology to ensure the right calls are made quickly. The replays are available for fans via the Twitter account in two minutes.

Social Media

In 2021, the NBA had about 24 billion views and 2.3 billion engagements across social media. Its strategic use of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok has made it an industry to be reckoned with.

The NBA built its social media strength by nurturing its fan base through active engagement and optimized content. This has increased its marketing power and positively affected the fan’s perception of the game.

During an NBA game, the fans participate through live tweeting – leaving their reactions and analysis of the game and ensuring the highlights reach eyes and ears faster than ever.

Virtual Reality

The NBA utilizes virtual reality to train players and bring fans closer to the action.

NBA fans do not have to rely solely on securing a good seat in the arena to get the best experience from live matches. They can now slip on VR goggles, sit on their couches and get in on the action. With various technological advances, fans can now freeze a section in the live game and experience it from the player’s view.

It doesn’t end with the fans, as the NBA also uses VR technology to train its players. As important as physical training is, VR helps players train their minds and improve their shots, especially when recovering from an injury.

SportsVU Cameras

SportVU is an electronic motion system that rapidly collects data at a rate of 25 times per second using cameras often suspended from rafters. The camera system follows the ball and each player on the court to track their movements.

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The collected data shows speed, distance, player separation, and ball possession. The information obtained goes far beyond the basic numbers of points, rebounds, and assists.

It is now possible to see a player’s position and how close a defender is to a player without having to chart and follow a game by hand and sight. SportVU technology essentially aids in strategy formulation by making game movements more visible.

The tangible data gotten from these cameras provide an essential resource for administrators, coaches, players, and even the general public. It is invaluable as a means to improve strategy and plot winning shots at the next game.

The NBA is very dedicated to reducing injuries on the court, improving players’ skills, ensuring fairness in in-game scores, and optimizing viewer experience. We expect to see more technological advancements in the coming years, and we must commend its current engagement with technology to make the game an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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