A Guide On How To Use Instagram In The Soccer Industry

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Research has shown that soccer accounts are the most viewed by Instagram users. It could be due to soccer players’ fondness for Instagram or because soccer is a worldwide sport. Instagram users adore soccer and follow Europa League predictions on the channels.

But, for whatever reason, according to Brandon Gayle, Instagram’s head of sports partnerships, soccer is the most popular sport on Instagram. Gayle claims that 146 million of Instagram’s 700 million-plus users are “global football enthusiasts,” more than three times the number of Instagram basketball followers.

Here’s a look at the top six uses of Instagram in the soccer industry.

Used as a Marketing Tool

Instagram helps the soccer industry to display its brand with a visual story and allows more followers to the latest Europa League predictions today. Unsurprisingly, this has been a big success with an aesthetically focused category of consumers. Instagram has over 400 million active users worldwide, with 60% engaged daily.

Instagram’s platform appears simple, but to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts, you must use every option available. As a soccer account, do you have enough research on how to make your content stand out among the millions of photographs and videos uploaded every day? 

Source of Income for the Team

Instagram’s top-followed pages are soccer platforms. Businesses like shoe brands pay soccer teams for the visibility to the audiences they receive. Because it is worth their time, many firms are only interested in influencers with large followers.


They can generate more money if their audience is more significant. With such a big sample size,  products are likely to be noticed by many people. It generates sales for the marketed brand’s items; hence such brands pay for the soccer account.

Geo-Tag Locations

The ability Instagram gives soccer clubs to connect with supporters around the world is one of its best advantages. When the team’s Instagram account posts a video or photo, it might be seen by individuals from New York to Australia and everywhere. 

While that reach is impressive, what if you want to be more granular and exact in your targeting? It is where Instagram geo-tags come into play. Geo-tags will be helpful for a worldwide soccer brand that wants to target people in specific regions.

Fans Have a Personal Relationship With the Players

Individual athletes account for three-quarters of Instagram accounts, followed by sports fans rather than organizations, and 94% of fans say they welcome and like seeing athletes share images about their lives off the field.

Athletes have always been idolized. Instagram has provided them with a direct means of engagement with fans. As a result, professional players in sports ranging from tennis to motor racing have amassed a sizable and highly engaged fan base.

Participate in Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for growing your Instagram audience and increasing your reach. Your post will appear on the hashtag’s website when you utilize it. If a soccer account uses a hashtag in its Story, it may show in the appropriate hashtag Story, which is also displayed on the hashtag page.

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People can also select to follow hashtags, so the hashtagged post may appear in their feed even if they do not follow the account (yet). Instagram hashtags may be a terrific method to develop an online community and encourage people to interact with the players. 

Keeping the Fans Informed

Sports firms utilize Instagram Stories to provide fans with advertisements, match footage, and content. A vertical format is a powerful tool, with 300 million daily users. From a Story honoring soccer’s oldest players to interviewing cyclist Geraint Thomas and a poll asking fans to rank FA Cup goals. 

Instagram  Sport reaches a younger audience with a mix of opinion polls, discussions, and trivia. Meanwhile, the platform can also inform fans about upcoming game schedules. The post on the soccer account can also include how fans can acquire their tickets for upcoming games.

Finally, the team can give a timely update on the ongoing games.


Due to the enormous soccer community on Instagram, soccer players are highly influential. Users are drawn to soccer for various reasons, including soccer players, enthusiasts, and fans with interest in Europa League picks

Some people have a passion for soccer; they can play it themselves and follow soccer accounts and notable soccer players (their role models). As mentioned in the article above, Instagram has become very influential in soccer.

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