SEO optimization for landing pages

SEO, like a good design, is crucial to make the difference between a landing page succeeding or failing. With these tips I hope it comes first.

When it comes to launching a landing page, the vast majority of mortals focus it on a PPC campaign , so something as important as SEO is left out a bit and is a considerable loss of traffic and conversions.

It is very important to optimize the page for the keywords you are bidding on in Adwords, since if a user reaches a landing page that is not directly linked to what they have searched for, they will surely leave.


1. Microsite or subdomain?

This is the first thing to ask : do I want my landing to be in my current domain or to be an independent domain? From an SEO point of view it is much more optimal that it is a microsite since it allows you to focus exclusively on a single group of keywords by having a domain (although Google says otherwise) centered on a keyword and is not influenced by the domain in case of being a subdomain.

The downside is that the cost and effort of creating a microsite is much higher than that of creating a subdomain.

2. Align the user’s keywords and intention

You have 2 seconds to make a user stay or leave your landing page and to get them to stay you must use the correct keywords in the right place.

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It is essential that you add the keyword in the headers (H1, H2, …), as well as in the text highlighted in bold and in the headings of the graphics and images; This in addition to serving to optimize SEO on-site, will ensure that the user finds what they are looking for on any site they look at.

All this must be done with your head, do not fall into the keyword stuffing .

3. Focus on a single topic and update the content

Although it sounds obvious, it is very important that the texts of your landing page focus on a single topic, which does not mean that it is only optimized for a single keyword, to attract long tail search traffic you have to use:

  • Synonyms
  • Related terms
  • Terms that are not synonymous but have the same semantic meaning

As with websites, Google also rewards updated content on a landing page. Often modify the opinions you have added on the landing, update the texts and change the design of the graphics.


4. Link Building

As important on a landing page as on any other type of website. Making Link Building against a landing page has more difficulty than doing against a complete website, since it is a single page and therefore a single topic on which you can create links.

Here are some tips / techniques to get the first links (which are the most expensive):

  • Link from your pages: Your website has much more history and surely a much higher profile of external links, including a link from it will not record anything and will be very beneficial at the SEO level
  • Use your existing links: Using Google Search Console to see which pages link to your website you can contact them and tell them about your new service / campaign / article. You have more opportunities to be linked if they have previously done so
  • Search for mentions: Using tools such as Web Site Explorer or simply with an advanced Google search (-site: «your brand») you can find mentions of your brand and contact them, being able to get a link in different ways:
    • Asking them to add a link to your landing in the mention
    • If he is a blogger who usually reviews, you can offer him to review your new service / campaign / article in exchange for some compensation
    • Mentions in forums where you can join the discussion and add a link to your landing
    • It may be that you have found the mention but the link is broken (that’s why it has not appeared in the link profile), inform them of the error and ask them to link to your landing
  • Use your social networks: Add links in your profiles and make a publication about your landing page
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5. Social Networks

It is essential that you make it as easy as possible for your users to share your landing page. I know it’s something that at this point goes without saying, but just in case: add buttons to share the landing on social networks.

6. Encourage users to come back

It usually happens that once a landing page is created, it will not be updated again, but if you offer different discounts and promotions, you can lengthen the useful life and conversions of your landing for much longer than you originally thought.


7. Find new opportunities

Now that you have your landing page super optimized for a group of keywords, it is very possible that many visits come through keywords for which you did not even plan to attract traffic. Two scenarios can occur, with their two solutions:

  1. More users come through other keywords: Then you must completely rethink the SEO optimization of the landing page: do a new keyword search to see if you have really chosen the right ones and re-optimize your landing for those keywords.
  2. The number of visits through other keywords is considerable, but not higher: This is undoubtedly a perfect opportunity to create one (or more) new landing pages for those keywords; or reorient your current landing page to better capture those visits.

You can find out what keywords lead to traffic to your landing through Google Search Console> Search traffic> Search analytics> Pages 


On these pages you can find much more information on how to optimize a Landing Page in all its aspects, not only in SEO:

  • Good UI : This website has dozens of tips on the design of a landing page and is updated every 15 days adding new tips
  • 101 tips for optimizing a landing page
  • The Conversion XL landing page optimization guide you’ve always wanted to have
  • Ultimate guide to optimizing a Quick Sprout landing page
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In short, once content, promotion, analysis have been taken into account and some resources have been used, as I have been commenting on, you should have your landing page on the verge of candy in terms of SEO. And to succeed.

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