What is search engine optimization

If you own a web page, you surely want users to come to your site and get to know you. For this it is essential to make use of search engine positioning . This term refers to the techniques that are used to get a website to be at the top of the results in Google, or any other Internet search engine.

The set of actions to make this happen are known as SEO positioning . It is a topic that is talked about a lot in blogs and marketing forums. Therefore, this time we will explain in a clear and simple way all the factors that you must take into account to give better visibility to your website in the search engines.


What are the types of search engine positioning?

There are different ways or strategies to achieve a good search engine positioning, below we will explain some of these.

Organic search engine optimization

Organic search engine optimization is similar to terms like search engine optimization or SEO.
This method is aimed at modifying technical aspects of a web page and at creating content with guidelines issued by search engines, in order to make a website more useful and relevant to users.

This type of positioning is called natural or organic. Since, websites use it without the participation or help of an advertising method. Among other words, it doesn’t work through paid ads. Its operation is based on the indexing carried out by “web spiders” (robots), when browsing web pages and storing keywords in databases.



The interest of the owner of a web page when optimizing its structure and also content with search engine optimization, is to increase its visibility. Making it appear in the highest positions in the search results on the Internet, for one or more very specific keywords.

The results of the entire process that involves applying these techniques can be noticed in the medium or long term. In other words, this work requires patience and perseverance.

This is a very worthwhile task. Since, once the page is well positioned, the traffic of your visitors will increase and it will be fluid. But even when the goal has been reached, SEO requires maintenance and optimization, so that the web does not lose its place in the search results.

Organic positioning techniques

Organic positioning techniques are based on the guidelines of search engines such as Google and Bing. These guidelines have been consolidated as good practices when positioning a website. They are divided into internal and external positioning .

Internal positioning

They are improvements within the website, precisely in the content, appearance and accessibility, among other aspects. Here are some techniques to apply internal positioning:

  • Adapt web pages to the different mobile devices that exist.
  • Make the pages more accessible for “web spiders”.

For this, the following practices are necessary:

  • Delete duplicate content;
  • Make the webs light;
  • Repair 4xx, 5xx, 7xx errors etc.
  • Create quality content.

This point covers techniques such as:

  • Create eye-catching titles and descriptions according to the keyword you chose;
  • Introduce internal links to the pages of the site;
  • Use bold to highlight important ideas;
  • Produce original content, not copy.
  • Use h1, h2 and h3 header.
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Also, within the content, something very important is the implementation of keywords. Which must be present in the title, meta description and throughout the articles with a density of between 1% and 4%. For this purpose, there are different SEO tools such as Yoast, which provide very specific instructions when writing.

  • Select keywords with Google Keyword Planner and Search Console.
  • Create a secure site, installing the SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol.
  • Hosting the site in a quality web hosting plan that delivers the resources that the web needs.
  • Put keywords in the post URL.
  • Offer the user a clean and easy design when navigating.
  • Optimize the loading times of web pages.

External positioning

They are those actions that aim to improve the visibility of a page in different online media. Basically it is aimed at getting mentions on the net. Here are some good practices for external positioning.

  • Build the authority of the domain and the website, using the MOZ tool.
  • Get other websites to link links from your website to articles, banners, etc.
  • Register the page in Google My Business and other directories such as Dmoz and Yahoo!
  • Exchange content with other web pages in co-marketing strategies.
  • Register and participate in forums with topics related to the activity of your website.

Positioning in paid search engines

Everything we have explained so far in this article has to do with the definition and function of search engine positioning organically. But now we will explain the other way that exists, to make a web page appear in the first results of Google.

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It’s about paid positioning; which consists of the payment of services such as Google Ads . These are also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, because the customer pays only for the clicks they receive.
This is how Google makes money, placing websites in the first search results for a keyword. But be careful, because Google also shows the consumer which result is organic and which is an ad.

It is necessary to clarify, that this method of search engine positioning is faster and easier. The effects of this option are immediate, while organic positioning can take months to generate the desired results.
The great disadvantage of this payment system is that, despite being very effective, as soon as you stop paying for the service, the results are over. Contrary to what happens with organic SEO; which maintains its results as long as work continues on optimizing the website.

With this we do not mean that the positioning of payment is bad or not recommended. But, if you want to ensure the results of your website for a long time, the most advisable thing is to work on organic SEO techniques .

The search engine positioning is the key to a web can get visits and thus become a reference to a specific topic. Knowing and practicing these techniques is essential for the growth of any site on the Internet. Therefore, more and more people are researching and studying this subject.

It is important to keep in mind that the guidelines issued by search engines are constantly changing. Therefore, it is best to be persistent in learning this method.
We want your project to be successful. So we encourage you to start today, to investigate more and more about this discipline.

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