Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Ultimate Guide)

affiliates marketing

Introduction to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. In this definitive guide, I’ll walk you through step by step to help you start your online business with affiliate marketing today and earn your first income online.

To be honest with you, I don’t do 6 figures with affiliates every month, but I do get good recurring income, and most importantly, it’s almost 99% passive income!

beginners guide on how to start affiliate marketing:

What do I mean by passive income?

Passive income means that every month, I earn a couple of dollars doing nothing. so even if I take off the whole month, I will still earn almost the same amount every month. Nice Ha!

In this article, I’ll share with you exactly what I do and give you some tips that can help you get started with affiliate marketing, and then I’ll show you how to scale and get to 5-6 figures after a year or so.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is about promoting products and services to other people and businesses and earning commissions per sale.

So the good thing is, you won’t worry about creating and buying products, it will only promote an existing product. That’s why it’s easy to start, and you can even start with a $ 0 budget as you’ll see later.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is a great option for anyone who wants to start an online business and make money without investing or even having so many skills online.

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Let us begin!

Simply put, affiliate marketing relies on two things:

  • Select the correct product to promote.
  • Product promotion.

Let’s start with the first part, which is Selecting the right product.

Select the correct product to promote:

It is very important to understand and learn to select the best product or service to promote because simply, with the same effort and time, you will earn much more money if you select the correct product.

Example: Let’s say you are promoting a service that costs $ 200 and your commission is 60% per sale.

He promoted this service and was able to get like 50 sales every month.

Simple calculations:

$ 50 * (200 * 0.6) = $ 6000 per month. Nice!

And your advertising costs (in case of running paid ads) are $ 3,000. So you earn $ 3000 every month.

Per year: $ 3,000 * 12 months = $ 40,000

Excellent! BUT in this case, you will need to promote every month, pay for advertising every month, effort and Time every month! Yes?!

NOW, let’s touch up the stage!

We select a product at the same price: $ 200. Your commission is only 40% and not 60%.

But what is different here is that the product you selected gives recurring commissions, so you will get 40% every month without promoting over and over again.

Let’s say now that you promoted this service and could get like 50 sales in a month.

Simple calculations:

For 50 sales per month:

$ 50 * (200 * 0.4) = $ 4000 / First month

And your advertising costs are $ 3,000, then you make just $ 1,000 for the first month.

But then $ 4000 for the next few months without any hype or effort (recurring!) You got it!

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So the next few months you will earn  $ 4000 without paying anything!

Per year: $ 1,000 + ($ 4,000 * 11) = $ 45,000 with much less effort and time!

What stage are you going with?

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