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Studying abroad comes along with so many by-products other than just studying as more than just theoretical aspects, it also prepares students for upcoming endeavours. From enhancing personality to witnessing a new education system, there are many reasons which make a student interested in visiting a new country. When it comes to studying abroad, there are many reasons which are attracting students to turn down their search to zero with Australia. Australia, a country majorly known for cricket, beaches, and exotic nightlife.

When it comes to education, Australia has a lot to offer for students across the globe as it is home to 8 universities ranked among the 100 universities in the world. From Friendly environment to better chances of doing the job after course completion, there are many more reasons which are attracting students from all parts of the world to the smallest continent. For an international student, there is a requirement for a visa which can provide the opportunity to legitimately stay in Australia. Many students seek consultation of Immigration Agent Adelaide as they are proficient in handling all sorts of the process for their clients with sheer perfection.

What is a 485 visa?

485 visa is a temporary visa that provides an opportunity for international students to live, study and work in Australia after completion of students. This Temporary Graduate Visa 485 has two streams:

Graduate Work stream: This stream of visa is for those international students who are graduated with skills which make them qualify for getting a suitable job in Australia. This visa allows its holder to live, study and work in Australia for a temporary basis.

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Post-Study Work stream: This stream of visa is for those international students who are graduated with a degree from a recognised Australian institution. This visa also allows its holder to live, study and work in Australia for a temporary basis.

Some other features of this visa are:

 The visa holder can bring his/her eligible family members to Australia.

Graduate-level study holders can further study for one and a half years with this visa. 

Post-graduate level study holders can stay for four years as per the classifications.

Two years – For Bachelor Degree, Bachelor Degree with Honours, and Masters by Coursework Degree

Three years – Masters by Research Degree

 Four years – Doctoral Degree

485 Visa Checklist and Eligibility Criteria 

When it comes to fulfilling the visa criteria, there are different conditions which are needed to be followed by the individuals who want to travel to Australia on temporary graduate visa subclass 485. Below are some conditions  

  • The applicant must be holding an eligible student visa in the last six months
  • The applicant must be under 45 years at the time of lodging the application.
  • The applicant has completed a course under CRICOS’s approved list.
  • The applicant should be qualified in IELTS 6 in all components.

For qualifying the English proficiency test, students need to qualify on all four significant segments such as speaking, reading, writing and listening.


Having legitimate health insurance is necessary for the complete duration of stay. The applicant should prefer a recognised and genuine services provider as per the guidelines of the migration department.

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Australian Study Requirement Criteria 

For meeting the Australian study criteria, the applicant must have previously completed at least one or more Degree, Diploma or Trade by a recognised Australian educational institution. Below are some further requirements which are essential for criteria.

The student must have completed courses which are registered on CRICOS.

The medium of course undertaken in English.

 The course must be exactly as per your occupation.

The course undertaken allowed you to study in Australia.

Pathway to Permanent Residence

Australia is a wonderful country to stay and that is the reason many people seek to apply for permanent residence. If you are holding a Skilled Graduate visa, you are eligible for lodging application for a permanent visa.

What Is Australian Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Processing Time?

 Just like any visa, vis 485 visa has altogether a different processing time which is different in various aspects.

Visa Type 75% of applications processed in 90% of applications processed in

Graduate work stream 4 months 5 months

Post-study Work Stream

83 days 5 months

Australia is one of the best countries in the world which many students, especially Asians, are considering education. From world-class institutes to a friendly environment, there are many reasons which make Australia the best destination for studies and getting the best education. If you too have a dream to see yourself studying in Australia’s best institutes and make a great career for yourself, taking assistance of Migration Agent Adelaide will be a complete game-changer. When experienced agents work combined for your visa, the chances of getting your visa application successfully converted gets enhanced. From hefty paperwork to the complexity of rules and regulations, everything has been taken care of perfection. Students should take help of the internet and find a “Migration Agent Near Me” and make their life easy.

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