How to beat the Slot RNG?

Slot RNG

Slot machines have been one of the most popular casino games for many years now. In order to keep up with technological progress, changes have been introduced to how slots at operate.

While old models used to be mechanical and used physical reels, modern slots feature complex microchips. The microchips make the winning combinations land on reels randomly. All the machines use RNG, the Random Number Generator.

What is the Random Number Generator?

RNG is a microchip that constantly generates numbers, even when no one is using the machine. The numbers determine the position of the reels and they are generated at an unbelievable rate of several billion hundreds per second. The player has no way of changing the generated numbers, no matter their game strategy. That ensures that the machines are impartial and extremely accurate.

Similarly, the hit frequency and the payout ratio are set and cannot be changed. Hit frequency is a number that shows how often the winning combination appears on the machine. The payback rate defines payback percentage of slot machines. Hit frequency and payback rate are different for all slots.

How relevant is RNG?

What RNG does is it replaces what would naturally happen in the casino when the dealer would give out cards or roll the dice. No one could predict what cards they would get or what the outcome of the roll would be. It’s the same with RNG. In fact the player does not even need to properly understand how RNG works in order to enjoy slots and get some wins. What’s more RNG does not record what we are doing, and it does not change depending on our move. It simply generates the random number sequences.

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How to beat RNG?

RNG cannot be manipulated by players nor casinos. A simple thing that can help the players beat the Random Number Generator and win is to simply spend a lot of time playing. The longer they play, the higher their chances of getting lucky. If they play long enough, they are likely to win something. One strategy to have better chances of winning, however, is to use the machines played for a higher denomination as they have a higher payback percentage.

That means that it is generally a good idea to play as few spins as possible for as much money as possible. Another trick to beat RNG is to stop the game and walk away once we get a win. Many players are tempted to continue playing in hopes of winning even more, but unfortunately this way they can easily lose everything you’ve won.


Playing slots is a game dictated by chance and luck. The unpredictability of the games ensured by RNG is what makes them so interesting.  Each slot is unique and playing them can be very rewarding. Unfortunately, however, the only hope to win against RNG is to get lucky. For many players how slots work can be a mystery. Understanding what RNG is and how it works reveals that the best strategy for winning is to be patient and keep playing.

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