Interesting Functions of HONOR Phone


Phones have many interesting small functions. They are not only watching videos, chatting and playing games. Do you know what interesting functions your phone has? Today, let’s talk about some useful functions of HONOR phone. 

Finger Split Screen, Tap Readily 

Split screen, as the name implies, divides the screen into two parts. In this way, users use two APP at the same time. Such as chatting while watching videos, etc. users can split the screen with fingers. Tap the middle part of the screen and slide through a horizontal line. Of course, only when you use an application. Let’s talk about sensitivity first. Some people like to use phone. It must be easy for them. It makes a little effort with their fingers on the slide line in the middle of the screen. A 6.95-inch large-screen phone like HONOR Note 10 can use the split screen. It is not only enjoyable to watch movies and play games. It solves the visual pain point. When the interface is split in two, both apps have no enough room before. The split screen function has become a sharp weapon for convenient life.

Finger Screen Capture 

Screenshots can do lots of things in daily life. It is inconvenient for Android phones and Apple phones to press keys to capture screens. Android phone users can use the volume-+ power key to take screenshots. It is very complicated and easy to press wrong. The HONOR phone provides a convenient function of finger screenshots. Users only need to set something. Find the intelligent assistance. Then gesture control-intelligent screen capture. It can realize the functions of finger double-click screen capture. There also have finger stroke area screen capture, screen recording and scrolling screen capture. It makes screen capture operational.

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Student model 

The student mode is to control children’s entertainment time. It limits the type and duration of APP. After all, many primary school students now come into contact with phones very early. Bad guidance will have a bad influence on children. It can limit the use time of any application installed in the phone. It seamlessly integrates entertainment and learning. 

Functions of HONOR Phone
Functions of HONOR Phone

Glove & leather case mode 

It is the right time to use this mode now. It is more suitable for friends in colder places. It can make outdoor phone playing no longer troubled by the cold. HONOR users can use their phones with gloves. They should turn on the glove mode in Settings-Intelligent Assistance. The cold environment won’t influent them. The leather case mode is not the same as the glove mode. Some HONOR phone users use an intelligent leather case matching the product. The mini window on the leather case can check many things. Such as the time and weather. You can answer incoming calls, turn off the alarm clock, play music, etc. Different product models may vary. Yet it is mainly these convenient functions. What if you don’t have a phone with these interesting little functions? You can choose and buy phone in HONOR smartphones official store in UK.

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