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TorrentZ2 Proxy

Torrentz2 proxy are an internet service provider for torrent files. It will provide you with information from all the torrent websites. This website checks different torrent trackers to give you information about the health and accessibility of the torrent. It also allows you to enter its comment section, where many of its users leave responses regarding the standard of download content.

When many torrent websites were set up across the globe, there was an urgent need for a browser to access all torrent sites. Only a few of the torrent files contained information suited for your search, and going through all these sites can consume more time. Hence, Torrentz was introduced in 2003 to increase the availability of all torrent files on one platform. Soon it became very famous for downloading torrent files.

After 13 years, Torrentz suddenly shut down in 2016 due to multiple DMCA claims and copyright. Next, within very few days, duplicates of Torrentz existed online, and this was given a name as Torrentz2.

Torrentz2 Proxy provides a good speed for the quick download of the file. It makes use of the magnetic link to enable file sharing. Using this site, you can download movies, music, drama, etc. downloading rate is 6.1 to 6.2.

Torrentz2 Proxy is not available in some places because of the limitations set up by ISPs and law imposing agencies. Torrentz2 proxy websites take advantage of this and come into play. In these regions, you can get into torrent sites with the help of proxies.

In this write up we introduce to you different Torrentz2 Proxy websites. Let’s look at the list,

Working of Torrentz2 proxies:

Proxy sites act between your system or computer and the website you are looking for. When you try to connect to a proxy site, your network is directed through an additional server to come to the destination site.

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This helps in hiding your original IP address. Hence, the destination site will never become aware of your IP address. This also makes sure the facelessness of the internet.

Advantages of Torrentz2 proxy sites:

  • Provides data and information security.
  • Stop hackers from hacking your computer.
  • Protects your device from crashing while downloading.
  • Permits users to get into blocked website content.
  • Uses bandwidth properly.
  • Proxy servers are non-encrypted, which help in faster and easier download of the files.

When torrentz2 stops working, you can easily change the DNS setting to enable the proxy server. Or you can buy a VPN that helps to access torrentz2. You can also use the seedbox server or port 80 to access Torrentz2. These help you to reach torrents without any inconvenience.

Torrentz2 can be made available from the address search bar using the following steps:

  • Enter the website URL, then wait for the message to pop up.
  • This message tells the URL of the existing site has been blocked due to the limitations set up by ISPs.
  • Next, you have to replace the current URL with HTTPS//to have a secured connection.
  • Now, you can enjoy the preferred data.

Torrentz2 website can also be accessed via VPN service:

  • First, download the browser
  • Enter the settings of the browser
  • Activate a setting known as “enable your VPN to access via VPN
  • Next, you will get the number of blocked websites displayed
  • Now, you can approach the Torrentz2 once the VPN is activated on your system.

How to download movies from Torrentz2 Proxy

  • Get into the website ‘’
  • In the search bar, type the name of the movie
  • Touch the submit button
  • It is better to use the magnetic link to download the film safely
  • Use VPN while downloading
  • If the original Torrentz2 website is blocked in your country, you can use proxies to get the film.
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Torrentz2 was banned in some countries when users started downloading copyrighted content. The users can still get the content through proxy sites. Government agencies watch these websites to ensure that the content is downloaded safely and the IP address is hidden.

Users download the content from one proxy website today, the next day; they use another; this causes the fear of cyber-attacks. The torrentz2 proxy websites active in 2021 are, torrentz2 proxy 1, torrentz2 proxy 2, torrentz2 proxy 3, and torrentz2 proxy 4.

To unblock Torrentz2, use this alternative:

When Torrentz2 proxies are not helpful, you can use some alternatives. Here are some of the best torrent websites you can enter to get files through P2P file-sharing technology.

  • The Pirate Bay (TPB):

It is the most famous torrent site and best alternative to torrentz2. It has been in use for a long time. You can get almost every torrent file on this site. You will not notice much distinction between torrentz2 and the pirate bay.

Mirror sites of TPB

  • Kickass Torrent:

Kickass torrent or KAT is another alternative you can use. It is undoubtedly the most famous one. You can get many categories of torrents here like movies, games, TV shows, and songs.

  • 1337x

It contains the last movie trailers and much more for the users. You might find 1337x more convenient than torrentz2 because it contains few ads.

  • EZTV

It is a perfect torrentz2 replacement, but it is not so popular. The EZTV provides specific sections for different classes of torrents. It is a group of torrent lovers, which you can use whenever torrentz2 is unavailable. You can get in touch with many good people on this site.

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Mirror sites of EZTV

  • YTS – Yify torrents

It is well known for a quality update of torrent files. YTS offers standard films with a small file size. This torrent was started by Yiftach Swery in 2010; it was the best alternative for torrentz2. But it got shut down in 2015.

Mirror sites of YTS


This was started in 2008 by Bulgarian BitTorrent Tracker. It became the 4th most visited website in 2020. It releases high-quality videos.

  • Extra torrents or ET

It is the top BitTorrent index in the globe. Here you can get any torrent file or magnetic link. It was introduced in 2006 but closed in 2017 permanently. When it was shutting down, it erased all the databased belonged to it too. But within a few days, some duplicates of ET arose online and became famous.

Mirror sites of ET


Torrentz2 Proxy is the best site to have entertainment content. Hackers have always wanted to hack this site. This provides absolute freedom to download the content of your choice. It also ensures an easy and safe download of the content. But it encountered many hurdles during its launch. You can carry out a secured search.

Despite the fact that the original torrentz2 is no longer available,  Use VPN to download content without any issue.

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