Is Torlock blocked? Here is the proxy/ mirror list 2022


Torlock is the best torrent search device and directory. Torlock is an Extraordinary Packet inside which you will find Most Recent Classic Movies TV, Games, Movies, Key Books, Software to Download

Programming projects are established at the additional Torlock and have a library of complete films. Torlock provides us with the best TV Shows & Movies and helps us to access premium content on the latest TV series as well. Torlock is the best torrent distribution site ever

This Site Receives $1 For Highlighting Every Fake Torrent You will get the best quality stuff with good quality download speed in Torlock. Always keep in mind that this Site is for adults and is not suitable for children, so you have to take care.

Why was the Torlock torrent site shut down?

There is a high chance that Torlock will be blocked in your country’s region because copyright laws have been imposed by the government. Internet service providers(ISP) in your area have limited access, due to which they block such sites.

This Scenario is Pretty Common for Torrent Sites. You can use the Torlock site as their proxy site, and if you want to unblock, then you can access VPN to download any movie.

Torlock proxy of mirror sites used in countries where Torlock is not blocked So, if you cannot access Torlock, with the help of Torlock proxy/mirror sites, you will always be able to access your popular torrent site, Torlock.

Here we are giving you a list of Torlock’s proxy sites; you can directly access it simply:

Even if the Torlock side is blocked, you can still generate a Torlock proxy site by going to the browser and enjoying your content. Proxy sites and mirror sites have the same structures and databases as the main Site.

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will have no problem running, so you can download any movie

Torlock Proxy URL List:

  • Torlock unblocked proxy WorkingTorlock Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • Torlock unlock pro Working
  • party Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • Working
  • https://t0rlock1 Working

Which are the best alternative sites, Torlock?

A backup plan is the best solution if we are using a site like a torrent. There are alternative sites which site you can use if a site like Torlock is blocked and you want to download the latest movie so you can use alternate sites

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003. This Site was so good that it came to be called the most resilient torrent site in the universe. You will get a full house of music, movie, software, download, tv shows on this Site. This is the best alternative to Torlock

  • 1337X

1337X Another name is at the top of the list, which was founded in 2007. This Powerful torrent site is where you will find all the important things. Provides latest and premium content. 1337x Is The Perfect Sites For You If You Love The Classic Stuff.

On the Site, you will find a lot variety of Movies, Documentaries, Applications, TV Shows, Web Series. Whatever is your desire, you can download anything.

  • Lime Torrent

The evidence that we feature it as the last alternative does not deny the fact that Lime Torrents is an exceptionally good alternative. You will have to face one problem with a lime torrent; this torrent site is very old, so you can have a lot of speed problems with it.

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Lime torrent’s team has come up with a solid solution for this; they are updating their system, due to which you should not have any problem with speed.

  • EZTV

Most Popular Tv Shows Torrent Site For Countless Tv Shows Here You Will Get Countless Tv Shows For Different Seasons Of Shows

The Site also features a forum that allows users to report any broken links and requests for updates. II is quite simple to use

The warning is that you have to make sure that you have a virtual private network collection while using this system that no one can track your IP address, and you can download it comfortably.

Can we unblock blocked Torlock? There are only two ways?

First of all, you can use Torlock proxy and mirror site to unblock Torlock movies. We have already mentioned you in the list of proxy and mirror sites of Torlock.

Second, if you are not able to access even from the proxy mirror side, then you can use VPN. You have to use a VPN even with some of the Torlock proxy/mirror sites. The best way is here to secure your downloading you can easily download any premium content movie song and any file from here.

What is VPN, and how to use it?

Virtual Private Network is an app that provides you with an encrypted connection end to end. VPN creates a protective layer so that your network will not know which Site you are using the firewalls see only it as traffic going and coming from the VPN server and not as a torrent connection or P2P

Using a VPN, no one will be able to hack you; your IP address will change completely, even the government will not be able to access it if you are using illegal sites. Vpn is a good solution for unblocking like other torrent sites.

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There are many free and paid VPN available in the market. All you have to do is select your best package so that you get the best quality protection. We advise you to use paid VPN do surf shark because you will not get such good protection that paid VPN will give.

some best VPN options are Surfshark VPN, Hotspot Shield, Cyber Ghost, expression VPN, VYPR VPN

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What to do if the proxy Site doesn’t work

If the main site is blocked, then the first step is to use a proxy site/ mirror site. If the proxy site is not working, then you have to use VPN.

Q2. How to Use a VPN to Unblock Torlock Sites?

You have to download any VPN. Then you have to add VPN to Chrome so that it can be accessed. Now you can use Torlock proxy & mirror site in the browser securely and download anything from there like the latest movies, eBooks, songs, software, games.

Q3. Name the other torrent site proxy list 2021

Many different to the current websites provide you with free premium online content. Here we have mentioned the list of some of the best torrent sites for 2021.

  • Torrentz2 proxy
  • Extratorrent proxy
  • Lime torrent proxy
  • The Pirates bay Proxy
  • Rargbg proxy
  • YTS Proxy list


Torlock should be your priority if you want good quality content and high-speed download. A good torrent site where you will not find any unnecessary links. By Chance, if you get unnecessary links, then you can report you will get the reward of $1 for reporting.

You will get all your favourite Movies, TV Series, Songs, Software, Games once a website. You will find both the latest and the old stuff here. We advise you that if you are using the Torlock torrent site, then you must connect VPN, due to which your network connection is secure.

VPN will change your IP address, due to which you can use it even in the region/country where this torrent site is blocked.

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