Most Successful and Unsuccessful Video Game Releases of 2021

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If you are a fan of gaming, you’ll agree that 2021 was a roller-coaster for video games. It was packed with some of the most incredible video game releases yet and some great disappointments in equal measure. Whether you enjoy standard video gaming, e-sports, mobile games or even casino gaming on casino online CA websites, you should spare a few minutes of your time for today’s breakdown. Join us as we recap the best and the worst flops of 2021 in the world of video gaming.

Most Successful Video Game Releases of 2021


In case you are into Indie and adventure-type video games like The Witcher, then Eastward will blow you away. From the Shanghai-based video game developer Pixpil, Eastward has received 5-star ratings from both players and critics alike, and indeed the stellar ratings are well-deserved.

Eastward is set in the future where the human population is on the brink of extinction. What’s left of the dwindling population is in grave danger of collapsing, owing to a toxic presence in the environment. Most of the remaining humans are holed up underground in the quest for survival from the toxic presence. The gameplay is centered around a young girl and a miner not holed up with the rest of the population, seeking to escape the tyranny of Potrock’s Isle’s subterranean society. On top of the excellent background story, it boasts of super immersive gameplay and lifelike graphics that will glue you to your screen for hours and hours. 

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From the developer “People Can Fly,” Outriders is an action Sci-Fi game as seen through the eyes of the lead character Enoch. Your mission is to explore Enoch’s dark and gruesome world, where you take on some villains in the course of your journey. 

Players who enjoy gory action scenes will be happy to know that Outriders offers you a range of incredibly crude methods and techniques of vanquishing your enemies. Better still, massive gun power is a distinct feature through the entirety of your Outriders gaming experience. You also get to gain tons of loot as the game advances, which in turn helps to boost your skillset. 

3.Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil series is one of those franchises that video gamers cannot get enough of. You would think they’d have enough after 25 years since its first release, but no, it is still going strong. If you are a horror-survival video game enthusiast, then this game is for you. It’s not only filled with macabre mutant scenes but is also packed with activating action-adventure sequences.

Developed by Capcom, Resident Evil Village is set in a rural settlement where you initially come up against the mad lycon local creatures that set the foundation for the rest of the game. As you play, you’ll advance to even scarier creatures in the later parts of the game, and you must fight your way to victory. This installment borrows some concepts from Resident Evil 4 and adds its worth to create an unforgettable video game experience.

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Unsuccessful Video Game Releases of 2021

On the other side of the coin, some of the most-anticipated video games that did not enjoy the success that was expected include:

1.Balan Wonderland

It is an action-fantasy-themed video game designed around a strange musical theatre, which unfortunately ended up leaving players more confused than amused. The game sets off with children rushing along a street that leads them through a mysterious Narnia-like pathway that brings them to a land called Wonderland. Here they meet a mysterious being known as Balan, who acts as their guardian as they navigate through different Chapters set in different environments. 

Balan Wonderland performed poorly in sales because of generally unfavourable reviews as players found its unclear plot somewhat confusing. The market reception struggles of this game are thought to have led to the resignation of its director Yuji Naka from Square Enix. 

2.Evil Inside

Developed by Jerdosoft, Evil Inside is a horror-themed game set in the eyes of Mark, whose mother’s death leads to the arrest of his father. To uncover the truth of his mother’s death, Mark seeks to contact her spirits, and this is where the horror and his fears come into play. Evil Inside borrows heavily from the now-canceled Silent Hill PT game. 

However, like Balan Wonderland, the game’s storyline is poorly developed, and there is hardly a mention of Mark’s story till the end. The Graphics are also very poor, to say the least, and the ghosts are just too static to elicit any kind of chills down a player’s spine. What is the thrill of a horror game without an animated ghost presence? 

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3.Buildings Have Feelings Too

Developed by Blackstaff games, this game attempts to pique one’s interest in architectural designs while also awakening your emotion to buildings, as evidenced by the title. However, it terribly fails to do both with its poor gameplay that lacks articulate definition, and the poor controls don’t help the situation. Coupled with slow load times and technical glitches, there is not much going for this game to make you want to keep playing.

Gameplay and storylines have conspicuously appeared as the make or break for video games. As such, the six examples above should be reference points to developers in 2022 and beyond. So, which games are you excited about this year? Let us know right here in the comments section!

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