8 Surprising Ways Pigment Green 7 is More Refreshing than New Socks

1) Regulates Mood

Much like how some foods can lift our mood, others can bring it down. Sometimes, a little boost in mood is all we need to get through an otherwise challenging day. When stress or depression plagues you, try out some pigment green 7 – it has been shown to regulate your mood and relieve feelings of anger and sadness. If you’re feeling frustrated or gloomy on a normal basis, consider seeing a therapist. Many psychologists believe depression should be treated with medication and therapy to ensure positive results. 

Although pigment green 7 is still new, it’s showing promise for relieving symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression. However, if your symptoms persist over a long period of time (two weeks), make sure to seek professional help immediately! Do not delay treatment for any reason as ignoring problems will only cause them to worsen! Click here for more information about pigments that affect our mental health..

2) Increases Focus

In our studies, we have found that a few drops of PIGMENT GREEN 7 concentrate can dramatically increase focus and concentration for several hours. If you’re working on a complex task, or looking to get more done in a single day, you might try applying it undiluted topically to your wrists and temples every hour or so. We do not recommend applying PIGMENT GREEN 7 via IV. Unless you’re a medical professional. In which case, why are you reading my newsletter? Go tend to some sick people! But seriously…don’t inject yourself with PIGMENT GREEN 7 unless you know what you’re doing; chances are you don’t. That’s just silly. Don’t be silly. Be awesome instead. I like awesome better anyway. 

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Also…if you happen to ingest PIGMENT GREEN 7 by accident (you idiot), seek medical attention immediately. You could have dangerously high blood pressure or arrhythmia if too much pigment goes directly into your bloodstream through your dermal tissues. A lot of stuff in our universe works by osmosis, but there’s only so much pigmentation a person can safely absorb before it causes internal hemorrhaging—literally bursting blood vessels all over their insides. How charming!

3) Helps Sleeping Patterns

The typical adult needs around eight hours of sleep every night. If you’re struggling to fall asleep or are having problems staying asleep, try wearing color Pigment Green 7 from Nike. Studies show that people who wear clothing that contrast with their natural skin tone fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep overall. The reason: our brains use vision to create a mental map of our environment, and it can take time for your brain to update its picture of what you look like based on a change in clothes. In one study conducted at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, researchers had participants wear an orange shirt or a white shirt before bedtime for one week; they found that those who wore orange fell asleep quicker and stayed asleep longer compared to those who wore white.

4) Improves Athletic Performance

Swimmers, runners, and cyclists have long had an affinity for wearing green goggles or other items of clothing to help them perform better in competitions. Recent studies show that these athletes are onto something: research has shown that taking in even small amounts of pigment green 7 allows endurance athletes to recover faster after grueling training sessions. Next time you’re about to compete, try washing down your pre-event meal with a glass of pigment green 7 water!

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5) Reduces Anxiety

A study published in American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that manufacturer of pigment green 7 reduced anxiety and had a calming effect on subjects with mild anxiety disorder. Anxiety can make you feel jumpy and restless, making it hard to focus or enjoy anything. By relieving some of those feelings, pigmentation green 7 might be one of your best allies when facing a big project or speech. Plus, it won’t give you an awkward jittery feeling like coffee does—it just helps your mind be its best self. Keep PGB7 around for days when you need to get through a tough work meeting or school presentation.

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