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Moviesda is the best source of the latest movies for Cinema lovers. One of the oldest film industries of India is Kollywood, based in Tamil Nadu. It is the most popular regional language film industry in this country. This explains why people love watching Tamil films.

India produces more than 1500 films a year in different languages. People love watching movies, and the internet has become the best medium to watch these films. Many sites allow viewers to watch films. But viewers need to pay a subscription fee to watch them. Hence, many people opt for free sites.

Movies with Moviesda:

Moviesda is a site that offers free content. It uses torrents distributed by a wide network of users to access a movie. user can download these torrents in order to watch movie. 

Though this service began with uploading Tamil films, it has since expanded to include films in other languages, including English.

This has been one of the oldest sites that have Tamil content. It slowly became popular with the people in Tamil Nadu and all over India. That is why the content has diversified over the years. People from Tamil Nadu have settled in other parts of the world. They, too, can enjoy the content available on this site.

Tamil Nadu alone produces over 200 films annually. That means 3-4 films every week. Movies become a point of conversation among people. Therefore, people love watching movies. It is not feasible to watch movies in a theatre every week due to the cost involved. Hence, this website is the best option to watch free movies.

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Popular language movies available on Moviesda:

There are more than 15 languages in which movies are made in India. Moviesda provides the content of movies in the top 5-6 languages of India. Some of these popular languages include:

  • Tamil
  • Hindi (Bollywood)
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi
  • English (Hollywood)

There are movies dubbed in Tamil available on this site. The site has a dedicated section for Tamil movies and movies dubbed in Tamil. This makes it easy for people to watch Hollywood and Bollywood films. Most users of this site speak Tamil, which is why it is designed for their convenience.

Ease of use:

The movies are segregated in different ways for convenience and ease. One can search for a film through one of these ways on Moviesda.

  • Language – Tamil movies or movies dubbed in Tamil.
  • Year of the release of the movie
  • Actors of the film

It is easy to associate a film with its actors. People can find out the year of release of films by doing a simple Google search. It’s also easy to remember which films are not in Tamil to search them in the dubbed section. These options have made this site famous among its patrons.

Movies on Mobile:

The popularity of movie theatres and television has declined over the years. Mobiles make entertainment easily accessible. The phones can be used to access the internet, visit social media sites and use applications for food delivery, transport and other services.

Phones have become portable televisions that provide entertainment on the go. One can watch serials, movies or any entertaining shows while travelling. This is why many media houses have created applications to provide content to the audience using phones.

Moviesda allows users to download movies on their phones as well. Since the screen is small, the picture quality need not be very high. Movies can be downloaded as low-resolution files in 320p and viewed. This is another reason why the site is popular among movie buffs in south India.

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More than movies:

Indian films are entertaining because of their musical format of storytelling. Indian culture includes a plethora of classical and freestyle dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bhangra, Garba, Lavani and many more that are showcased in movies too.

Besides dance, there are different styles of singing and musical instruments used. Thus, song and dance are added to films to raise their entertainment quotient. They are used in film promotions. These songs have a memorable association with the film.

There are music albums created independent of films. This means there are different forms of music available to match the different preferences of its audience. Like movies, music too can be listened to while travelling or doing mundane tasks through the phone, desktop or other electronic gadgets.

Moviesda gives its users the option of downloading the song videos and audios as well. Just like movies, the release of new songs and albums is eagerly awaited. When leaked on the site, many users download them for their personal use. Thus, music is also made accessible through this site.

Caution while using the site:

Torrents are not legally allowed in India. The sites that create and use torrents go against the copyright policies of films. The Government puts restrictions or bans such sites as it affects the box office collection and revenue of films. Using such sites can attract legal fines with jail.

Hence Moivesda is banned in India. But like many other sites that work on torrents, this site has mirror sites that have different domain names. The use of different domains helps to distribute torrents through many servers. This helps in the faster downloading of movies or content.

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One needs to be cautious while using this site. A person can land trouble for the use of pirated content. The pirated content market is enormous in India. Hence, the Government issues guidelines to curb the problem. But there are many patrons for such content. Thus, different sites are created.

Other options for movie torrents:

Torrents are used by people across the world to access the content. This may be in the form of books, music, movies, shows, video games or any other content. A user can play it safe by using a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) to access the content. This will camouflage a user’s IP address.

Some torrent sites that provide content similar to Moviesda include:

  • 123movies
  • fmovies
  • cinemavilla
  • bolly4u
  • 9xmovies
  • Kuttymovies
  • Downloadhub
  • Isiaimini
  • Khatrimaza
  • Filmywap

Safe options to watch movies:

One needs to be well versed in using torrents to avoid inviting trouble. But there are options for those willing to spend money and subscribe to specific sites to watch movies. Some of the sites that provide such services are

  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Zee5
  • MX Player

Piracy is Punishable:

Moviesda is not in compliance with copyright laws. It uploads content without permission from concerned authorities. Hence, using this or other torrent sites can lead to individuals being fined and imprisoned. The jail term can be for six months to three years. The fine imposed for this crime can range from Rs. 50,000 to 2,00,000.


Movies have a calming and refreshing effect on individuals. It can help feel overcome anxiety or stress. This is true with any hobby. Movies also have a message to convey to their audience. This makes it a source of learning. Therefore, one must take the time to watch movies sometimes.

It is not safe to use Moviesda for watching or downloading movies because of legal concerns. But one can use alternative sites to download torrents and watch movies. Enjoy the best of stories told through cinema using the option that best suits you. The show must go on!

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