Data Plans and How to Get the Right One

Data Plans

Data has become the new king in cell phone usage. Data encompasses all aspects of mobile phone usage apart from direct GSM messaging and calling and this is largely due to the accelerated development in internet technology and speeds. Therefore, when choosing the right plan, the most important consideration to make is on the data packages as this will affect your overall usability of your mobile device.  In this guide, we will examine the key factors to consider when choosing the right data plan for your needs.

Is A Down Payment A Good Option?

Down payments help carrier companies to plan and allocate data resources to their clients. Therefore, from a carrier’s perspective, a down payment is a great business move; however as a consumer of data, you might need to look between the fine print before you make the right decision.

Down payments are ideal when choosing a mobile plan that includes a mobile phone. Most carrier companies make profits both from their sim plans and the mobile phone and therefore the down payment will go mostly towards reducing your overall payments on your mobile phone. This is a good thing because, the data plans rarely come with a lot of discounts and you will need as much discounts as possible if you are getting both a phone and a Sim-plan.

Limited versus Unlimited Data Plans

There is an allure to using data as much as you can, and this is especially crucial when emergencies arise. Unlimited data plans offer users stress free data usage because they don’t have to worry about their data suddenly exhausting, thereby holding up a crucial call, email or even message. However, unlimited data plans are not for everybody and here’s why.

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Firstly, unlimited data is ideal for users who can afford the high rates, and who consume a lot of data over other cell phone resources. Therefore to fully benefit from unlimited data, you need to be on a premium package which will undoubtedly offer higher speeds and access at a premium cost. For small to medium data users, unlimited data might not be a good idea because it almost always leads to wastage and unnecessary expenses.

Another major issue with unlimited data is on the access of free Wi-Fi. Currently, almost all major shops, libraries, malls and parks have free Wi-Fi. Some landlords offer Wi-Fi as an incentive for tenants and this is packaged as part of their monthly rent, or in some cases fully paid off by the landlord. It would be a complete waste to have unlimited data when you are constantly surrounded by free or easily accessible Wi-Fi.

Understanding your needs as a consumer is crucial before you settle on any data deal. If you are in a new area, then it’s better to ask around on the best data options before you subscribe to a data carrier. There is no ‘best plan’ for everyone since people’s data needs are different and understanding your particular data usage trends will go a long way in getting you some much needed savings.

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