Facebook Ads is the sponsored advertising platform of the most used social network in Spain by the segment of the population that consumes the most. Adults between 16 and 65 years of age. This is increasingly complete, offers more features , types of ads and benefits . A key tool for any business that wants to currently reach its target audience present on this network.

Main advantages of Facebook Ads for your business

1. Easily reach the audience that interests you

Currently more than 19 million users in the age group that consumes the most have an open profile on Facebook and use it daily. The probability that your target audience will use this network every day is enormous.

But this would not be interesting enough without another of the great advantages of Facebook Ads: hypersegmentation . That is, the possibility of choosing the type of audience you want to reach within those users. Pointing out a large amount of data that determines exactly what type of people will receive your advertising. You can determine it by pointing out data such as geolocation, age, gender, likes and hobbies , and many others. If you have questions, we can be your facebook ads agency .

What does this mean? That your ads will be shown exactly to the type of user that you have determined as of interest to you for each specific ad or campaign through Facebook Ads. In this way you will make profitable your investment in advertising , because this will be shown only to people who may really be interested in it.

2. Do not target any audience

For example, do you think that it is interesting to show the announcement of a driving school to someone who already has a driving license? Or an advertisement for diapers for those who do not have children or are not interested in having them? Segmenting properly is key to getting a high return on investment in advertising and Fabook Ads allows you to do it accurately.

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To make the most of this advantage, it is vital to study the buyer client you are targeting. Also who are your potential clients. If there is more than one interest group for your business, what type of message do you want to send to each of them.

In addition, Facebook Ads allows you to create up to 1,000 specific audiences . This means that you can create different types of target audiences that you are interested in sending different types of concrete messages about your business to achieve different goals . This will make it easier for you to send certain messages to the type of audience that you have already segmented and previously indicated.

3. Multi-device advertising and choose the position on the screen

Facebook Ads allows you to show your ads to the type of users you are interested in, regardless of the device from which they connect , always in the most attractive way for each type of device.

But, in addition, the platform allows you to choose where on the screen to display your ad . With an adequate study you will be able to make the correct decisions so that your advertising is shown so that it really converts. That is, the user responds to it as you want it to, either by accessing your website with a certain purpose , whether it is to share a message, join your community or another.

4. Create advertising on different platforms with a single tool

By creating your Facebook Ads, you can advertise your business on three very attractive platforms :

  • Facebook , the social network that has the most active users in Spain in the age group that consumes the most.
  • Instagram , the fastest growing social network of users and the favorite of the female audience.
  • Audience Network , to show your ads beyond social networks, in applications for mobile devices, mainly.

Being able to reach more people through a single ad platform makes your task easier. And it shortens the working time. If you are going to be in charge of advertising your business yourself, you will not have to learn to manage more than one platform. Just know the peculiarities of each one to get the most profitability from your ads.


And, in case you entrust this task to professionals , you will facilitate that from a single tool they can make and monitor advertising for your business more easily and profitably.

5. Facebook Ads allows great flexibility

One of the main advantages of Facebook Ads is the great flexibility it allows, which makes it easier for you to make interesting decisions to always achieve maximum profitability from advertising your business.

Between these:

  • Being able to choose from a large number of different ad types . Variety is key so you can intelligently choose which one interests you for each specific ad. All this depending on the objectives you have and what type of specific audience you want to reach.
  • How many campaigns or ads do you want to do and who to show them to. Without limits, within the budget that you have set.
  • What budget do you allocate to each ad? With the ability to stop an ad that is not working as expected. Or increase it if it is working very well and you want to extend it.

6. Monitor results

Being able to monitor the results is another of the main advantages of Facebook Ads. This means that both through the platform itself and through the use of other specific tools, you can know at all times the results that your campaign is obtaining with real data.

The adequate analysis of this data allows optimizing the campaigns. With this you can get a higher return on investment from them. In other words, analyzing the data of an advertisement or campaign allows you to know what changes you should implement in order to improve it . This will make a greater number of users carry out the type of action that you have set as your objective.

7. Great potential for viralization

The possibility that those who view your advertising can share it with their contacts and it goes viral is one of the main advantages of advertising through Facebook Ads. This not only allows you to reach more audiences without increasing the expense of your advertising campaign. It is well known that the recommendations received from friends and family have a greater impact on who receives it and is perceived as more reliable and interesting .

In order to take advantage of this advantage, it is very important that you generate a type of advertisement of great interest and that it is shown to the ideal target audience to receive it. Thus, the interaction of the users will be much greater and will reach the contacts of your network.

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8. Integration through Facebook Ads

As you have previously seen, Facebook Ads allows you to choose in which area of ​​the screen to display your advertising. The possibility of choosing an advertising well integrated in the network and that is not perceived as annoying or intrusive is very important.

In order to take advantage of this advantage, you will have to do a detailed study of what type of message you are going to reach your ideal target audience. In turn, where will it be shown and what will it say?

9. Allows you to make ads and retargeting campaigns

This is a very interesting functionality for any business. It allows you to send a specific message to each client who has already shown some type of interest in it in a specific way.

For example, you can reach those who have already visited your website , those who are already clients of your brand . Also to those who have started a purchase but have not finished it or who have registered on your website, among other types of interaction with your brand.

Thanks to the Facebook pixel and Facebook Ads you can design what type of ad will be shown to each of these people who have already interacted in some way with your brand. How? For example, showing an advertisement of a certain product or service to someone who already visited this on your website but did not buy it, among many others.

To get the most out of this great advantage, it is vital to use the facebook pixel. This is one of the most interesting features that Facebook Ads includes.

10. It allows you to create different types of ads and with different end goals

It is important to note that one of the most interesting advantages of Facebook Ads is the wide variety of different ads that it allows to make. Also the large number of different objectives that you can work on in your advertising campaigns on this platform.

To be able to take full advantage of this, you need to know all the possibilities that Facebook Ads offers you. Also that you determine precisely and clearly what objectives you want to achieve with each specific ad or campaign . For example, if you want to improve the visibility of your brand, increase traffic to your website, publicize a product. As well as closing sales, increasing the value of your customers’ purchase ticket , etc …

These are not the only advantages of using Facebook Ads as a platform to advertise your business. But if the most relevant. Knowing them will help you know why it is interesting for your brand and how to take advantage of them for a greater return on your investment.

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