For some, it turned out to be an  irrelevant , quasi-  naive contribution  (it is noted that they did not know my journalistic twisted tusk  of yesteryear). Although it comes back to a debate that others, before me (and those who curiously have arrived through the  tracking  of the  hashtag  #hashtag of my publication) had launched:

Actually, my goal was to alert about  # hashtaguization . Disease that has already threatened the health of other platforms in the past, and which now aims to  infect  the  quintessential social networking network  ,  which we have talked about on other occasions from this blog . For sample, a button:


Despite what some believe,  the hashtags failed to LinkedIn in 2016 . It was much earlier (2013) when they began to be used. However, the poor result of the “experiment” caused them to backtrack …

But what has led them to resume the use of hashtags on LinkedIn ? In my opinion, the social network LinkedIn  was not yet ready to use them in 2013, curiously the year in which the purchase of  Pulse , a content publishing platform currently integrated into the platform under the “Articles” functionality, was announced. With this improvement, the use of hashtags on LinkedIn begins to make sense . Users, in addition to sharing updates, can now develop much more elaborate posts. This requires a more accurate detection system, such as the one in question.


Herein lies the key to my “complaint”. It is none other than the arbitrariness with which the social network is implementing this functionality . Ok, there are 500 million users … but they take a year to activate it in all profiles. Let’s see some examples to understand it better:

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As you will see according to the screenshots, depending on where I access my own profile, hyperlinks are activated or not. Curious, isn’t it?

In short, I can use the hashtags on LinkedIn …

  • From mobile devices (although I cannot do advanced searches for them)
  • If I access through an incognito tab
  • If the language of my profile is English

On the contrary, I cannot use hashtags …

  • If my profile is in Spanish and I access it from a desktop device


  • Be clear about the target you are targeting. If your network is eminently Anglo-Saxon, or your content publishing strategy is in English, go ahead. The hashtags can help generate visibility for your content. On the contrary, if your network is very localized in other places (see Spain and the Spanish language), keep in mind that there will be users who will not be able to access them and may think that you do not control the platform.
  • Each network has its own codes. Many people decide to link their social profiles to each other, so it is published in the “master” (to call it somehow) is replicated in the “slave”. Now, if, for example, the “slave” is LinkedIn, and receives the contents of the “master” Twitter, imagine the  mess  that can be generated with RTs, @, volume of updates … a mixture to which you add the ingredient end: hashtags not accessible to your audience.
  • If you use them, do it with common sense. Include only those hashtags that add value to the community, and don’t be tempted to  #hashtaguize  all the words in your update
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