Tricks to get followers on Instagram

I’m not going to beat around the bush. If what you are looking for is to get more followers on Instagram , you have found the definitive post. Surely you will see millions of articles, videos, podcasts or infographics that explain these and many other tricks and strategies to have more followers. But you have never had in your possession a more complete content that perfectly summarizes the tricks and strategies that best work to increase your followers on Instagram today (Tomorrow … no one knows). For this reason, today I wanted to compile the actions that in my opinion will work best. So you don’t get in trouble!

A while ago I was talking to you about the  10 things you should NOT do on instagram  if you don’t want users to run away when they see your profile on this social network. A few tips, that far from being “hackneyed” and repeated endlessly, represent bad practices that must be avoided at all costs. Either that, or the absence of good digital customs that can help a lot when it comes to  loyalty to a good handful of users around our brand within Instagram, which we should bring to reality.

So, and without further delay, I begin to give you the keys to gain instagram followers in several different ways. Shall we go with them?

What goals do you want to achieve with Instagram?

Before you rush to implement any of these strategies, you should ask yourself  what kind of goal you want to achieve on Instagram .

There are two ways to get followers. Yes, you guessed it …

Low-quality followers Full steam ahead  ! Already! For yesterday! = (Many and ephemeral)

✅ Excellent quality followers With pause, thinking, segmenting = (Few and permanent)

As you will understand, it depends on your objective and claims to choose one or the other. Therefore,  stop, think and evaluate the pros and cons  that both can bring you. Once you know which is the methodology that best suits your goals, it is time to take action.

How to get instagram followers at full speed?

If you are one of those who get on the bandwagon of the first method and need to  increase the followers of your instagram account  at the speed of light, pay attention. Here are some ways to get it … Or not. You already know that in this social media there is no magic formula. And everything will depend on factors that today we still do not know or do not know how to administer. What makes content go viral?  You tell me later in the comments, if that …

 Using Hashtags

Hashtags time!

Or what it has been, always use certain hashtags every time you upload a photo. Surely some of them sound like  # tags4likes, #instadaily, # f4f  or #siguemeytesigo . But there are many more that can be useful to achieve your purpose. These hashtags can be found using the online tool . From which, you will see the most used and relevant used around the world and ordered by theme.

Another way to take advantage of these popular hashtags is to follow those accounts that use them massively and like those photos that contain them. You will see that soon these same profiles begin to follow you. Or almost all of them.


Save yourself some pasta …

 Because the only way (that I know of) to get hold of a huge amount of followers and at one time, is by  paying like every neighbor’s child . Currently there are many platforms that allow you to buy real followers (or so they say) but they do not assure you that they will interact with your content. It is then when I ask myself…  and for what the fuck do you want these followers?  Ah! Okay … that’s why the posture and such … Well! If this is your case, I recommend that you visit  this website , which offers you various alternatives and prices depending on the followers you want to achieve.

Another option is to download one of the  many apps  that are on the market and that also “help” you to increase the number of followers in an amazing way and with little effort. But we return to the same old thing … If these people (assuming they are and not bots programmed to follow profiles on instagram) are not going to interact with your publications, what use are they? The important thing is to know your community and know what they like, what to offer and what they expect from your brand . And without interactions … crappy.

How to get instagram followers quickly

If you are not in a hurry to get instagram followers, but you also do not want to rest on your laurels, I advise you to start using these super effective techniques and tricks now . They are not those that give immediate results, but they will not take long to bear fruit either.

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Monitor and use a specific hashtag

You already know that instagram allows you to follow a specific hashtag so that you do not miss any of the publications that contain it. Or at least, those that the algorithm shows you according to your activity and preferences

This strategy to get more instagram followers is very simple. Although it does require some “work” on your part. You just have to monitor that desired hashtag. And once the publications in your feed appear related to it, start following the users that you consider interesting that you have liked that same publication. I explain?

It won’t be long until you receive that same interaction in gratitude. Obtaining new followers related to the theme that you like. Good way to attract potential clients or collaborators. .

Share posts on your profile

Repost and make people happy. It doesn’t cost anything!

Getting followers on instagram by reposting the content of others is a quite effective technique, really. If you are still a bit lost in the terminology used in this social network, remember that reposting refers to the action of sharing publications on your profile (in this case photos and videos) of other users.

This action greatly benefits the relationships that are established between the user community. Strengthening the bonds of union and helping other people to make their content more visible. So if you periodically repost other people’s content , it is highly likely that you will start to have more instagram followers.

Tag other users in your posts

 Another way to get instagram followers with a certain speed, is to tag those users that you have previously started to follow in one of your publications. Not at all please! You don’t want them to blame you for being so heavy and looking desperate, do you?

This technique usually works when the publication in which you tag gives a fundamental value to these followers . Therefore, it is important that to ensure this mutual follow-up, the information or message that you want to communicate with the image in question is interesting enough for them .

However, if you are not very sure about tagging strangers, it is important that you do it with people with whom you have already had some kind of contact . And if it was personally, the better.

How to get quality followers on instagram?

Now is when we enter delicate terrain, because you have before you the arduous and laborious task of getting instagram followers that are going to provide you with interactions that will benefit your ROI by far. Or at least, you’re going to try, right? Well, for the moment I leave you some guidelines that you must follow to achieve this goal.

Write  a direct message for your future followers

Use your wits for DM

What I mean by this? Well, squeeze a little bit of the sesera and write a direct message for your future followers . And what about?

The objective is to start a brief conversation to break the ice and make yourself known so that you are followed and see your content regularly. With which, you have to “sell” quite well the virtues and advantages that they will get from this content.

Therefore, you will have to capture attention from the first moment and try to read it. And how to get it? GIVE AWAY SOMETHING! This always works. It can be a free ebook, a super cool downloadable guide, a discount voucher on any product … etc.

It is a very little used practice by most people. But it has been shown that if you use it wisely and segment the right users very well , it is very likely that you will become a follower.

Take an Instagram survey

In the recent Instagram update they  have included this interesting utility.

Now Instagram allows us to create a survey based on the photo or video you post: It is one more sticker that we can include with two responses to choose from.

Well, the interesting thing comes now …

Make a draw on Instagram

It is highly recommended to make a public and open giveaway to all instagram users.

But of course, before considering this action, I highly recommend that you take a look at this article from TreceBits . Very important before getting down to business with the draw in question.

Once you have everything clear and well defined, start the draw. Surely one of the requirements that you ask to be able to participate is that they follow your instagram profile . And if it was not in your strategy , include it! Not only will you shoot the number of followers of your account, you will also generate a multitude of comments and likes that instagram will take into account when positioning your publication.

If you use this new option of instagram stories well, you will be able to generate  a raffle that attracts more users  likely to become your followers. How?

First, make sure that what you are going to raffle is  interesting and useful  for your target audience. Then, upload an image to instagram where through it the imminent draw is announced. Share it on your other social networks . On the day chosen for the draw through your stories, carry out one of these surveys, requesting that they follow you on instagram. Being an ephemeral publication that lasts only 24 hours, there will be many who do not want to miss the opportunity to win the prize.

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And of course, for this they only have  24 hours  to vote in the poll. The time that the storie will be active. Do you find it interesting to apply to your strategy? Would you give it another spin?

Get followers on instagram through stories

The power that stories have on instagram (and to a lesser extent on facebook) is something undeniable. The advantages and virtues that these ephemeral publications offer are much greater. Managing to relegate in relevance to the typical publications of the traditional feed.

But how do you get instagram followers through them? Let’s see … There are some essential aspects when publishing a storie. The location, the hashtag and your name .

With these 3 things , you will get users who do not know you at all to see your instagram profile. Getting them interested in what you publish and becoming followers of yours instantly. But first you have to attract them, as I have told you well. And it is done like this:

  1. By including a location in stories , you are helping the instagram browser to rank it for this parameter. So, when someone searches for posts related to that location, they are much more likely to find yours, enter it and like it.
  1. By including a hashtag , three quarters of the same. Users will enter the instagram search section. Once inside and pressing in the circle of the hashtag itself, you will see those related stories.

IMPORTANT! You should know that the stories shown in this section do so in order of importance for instagram. This means that, in general, the videos will have the highest probability of appearing first. As well as those with the highest number of interactions. So consider taking surveys or open questions through their stickers.

  1. By including your username you are also promoting the possibility of getting more followers on instagram. This action is like a call to action for people to see these stories. Since you will encourage them to click on it to see your full profile . And therefore, encourage them to follow you.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Interact with other profiles you don’t know:

And this has an overwhelming logic. Because if you start liking photos of people related to your sector or likes, you will usually get an equally positive response (or more). And let’s not say if you leave a comment that is cool in the same image.

Now this is effective if we are talking about profiles that do not have hundreds or thousands of followers. As a rule, when one of these profiles uploads a photo, almost instantly he gets so many likes that it will be practically impossible for him to see yours and return it to you. They are blind likes and silent comments .

Ideally, you should use this strategy on Instagram with accounts that are interesting to you and that are close to the profile of your target audience. But they don’t have many followers yet . It will be much more feasible to get that positive interaction back.

🔎 Use the Instagram search engine to find Hashtags and profiles

Become Sherlock Holmes

 That is! Make use of the magnifying glass! Put on the detective trench coat and sharpen your senses … That magnifying glass so important that instagram offers us in the search engine, will allow you to locate those hashtags and profiles that may interest you for your brand. This is an excellent way to start your journey through this incredible social network and make yourself known to your target audience.

How to search on Instagram?

🔴 Open instagram.

🔴  Click on the magnifying glass icon.

🔴  Write a hashtag that is related to your profile or sector.

🔴 Choose the photos that appeal  to you.

🔴  Click on the followers of said photograph.

🔴  Start following a good handful of them.

This is a very effective way to start having followers who may be really interested in what your profile is going to show. They are active people on instagram who like the same thing that you are going to offer. So… what better presentation than to start following them?

🔁 Update regularly

To share is to live

But just like that. Take it as a routine and adapt to your daily instagram strategy sharing the images that you upload to your profile. But of course, don’t do it like crazy and have a little head and common sense. So I recommend that you follow these simple and enjoyable practices:

⛓Link your instagram profile with that of Facebook .

In this way you will ensure that the images appear at the same time on the social network par excellence. Where they will surely achieve greater repercussion and diffusion. Yes! If you don’t want the hashtags you include in the photo description to act as a repellent to your Facebook followers, do the following.

Include them in the first comment of the photo as you upload it to instagram. This will prevent you from seeing a trillion billion pads and words just below the description you write. Because let’s be honest … It is very ugly, horrible, unprofessional … Right?

⏰ Share your photos at times that you know your target audience will be more present .

It is true that almost all of us are practically 24 hours a day entering and leaving Instagram (or am I the only one?) So finding an exact time is more complicated. But there are times of the day where it is more conducive for people to be within the social network.

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Check the following graph below here… It is one of the latest statistics prepared by IAB Spain regarding the use of social networks in our country.

Ch Super cool tips to make your photos stand out

 Because, after all, everything is based on positioning yourself ahead of the competition . Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in line at the supermarket. Life is a constant competition! Therefore, finding the perfect photograph for users to share, comment on and interact with it is a task that is becoming increasingly complicated.

But calm @! Here are some guidelines so that this image that you have taken with so much love becomes a collector’s item:

✅ Uploading brighter and clearer photos  enhances the number of likes and interactions by users. It has been shown that they get up to 24% more than those that are darker and duller.

✅ Photos with a single predominant color get 17% more likes than those containing a multitude of them. Choose the shade well!

✅ Overloading the background of images is also not recommended. Users prefer those that are simpler (than not simple) and whose background gives greater depth visually.

✅ If the photo contains more texture , you will see how its scope and interactions increase considerably. Specifically, about 79% more than those without.

ImágenesImages whose main color is blue are more conducive. The explanation? I don’t have it … What about you? In a comparison made with images with the red color as the most dominant, those with blue got 24% more likes … I’ll leave it there.

✅ The saturation of your photos is also paramount on instagram. Those with lower saturation will get a better response than those with high saturation . Make sure that the colors are not too loud or garish to the eye.

Instagram apps

Apps to get followers on instagram

Currently there are hunreds of applications with which to get instant followers for your instagram account. But not all of them fulfill their function perfectly or with the guarantees they promise you. I have compiled 2 of the most reliable , which I have tested, experimented with and tested to verify their potential.

Application for IOS and Android that under a system of obtaining “coins” gets you instagram followers at the moment. They are real followers and with active profiles , since they are also performing the same actions that you have to carry out to obtain their own followers.

Ideally, download it to a computer other than a mobile device. Since in this way you will be able to see the control panel more easily and comfortably to manage your actions.

Once you have it installed on your mobile, this link shows you  how to easily install an APK file on your device  . You just have to start following accounts and interact with their posts . Giving likes and commenting on their photos or videos. In this way, you will get the necessary coins to exchange for followers or likes. It is a very effective and accurate system.

The bad? Well, what do you imagine … That you are equally interested in followers from Pakistan than from Cuba or Switzerland . Something not recommended if your goal is to sell a specific product or service. Since your followers will not be interested in it … Or yes.

Mr. I nsta

To gain instagram followers in a quick and easy way, nothing like Mr. Insta . This website offers you two ways to do it. You either pay or not. Of course, one has many more advantages than the other. But applying the free way every day, little by little you will get a good handful of new followers.

For this you just have to enter the web and put the username in the corresponding drawer. Next you will have to perform a couple of mandatory actions. Either fill out a simple survey (this option has not appeared to me personally) or carry out some actions in your Google+ and Facebook profile in 90 seconds.

You can get 10 likes for the publication you want. Or, get 6-10 instant followers . You can only perform these actions once a day with a single account.

Use TOP hashtags to gain followers

And what hashtags are these? Well I could give you an endless list of them. But it is almost better that you use the Displaypurposes website to find those that are trending according to the sector in which you operate. However, there are 2 especially powerful ones: # f4f and #followme . How to use them then?

Try to include them in the comments you make in those images that interest you. Especially in those of the influential and popular accounts that you follow.

Apps for reposting on instagram


Available for Android and IOS . Perhaps the most popular of all. For its simplicity of handling and effectiveness. You just have to copy the link of the publication you want to share and the app itself will generate that reposting for you to confirm and include in your profile. That easy.


Its use is exactly the same as Repost. The only notable difference is that by sharing the other person’s post on your instagram profile, the app will not automatically generate their profile name in the attached comment . So don’t forget to mention your account manually in that description. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT .

My tips for getting free Instagram followers


If you want to have more instagram followers , you will have to value only one thing : quality or quantity? Based on the response that your brain automatically generates, you will know what actions and tools in this super guide you should use.

Personally, for a newly created account with no followers, it is not entirely inadvisable to use more automatic methods and accelerators to get followers on instagram. It may sound strange, but then, the followers that really interest us, often rely on the number you already have to start following you … The typical case of “following the flock”

But the ideal and logical way to get results in your instagram strategy is to look for those followers who really know that they are going to add value to your profile . Being able to become potential customers over time. My recommendations?

✅ Use less automatic and more humane techniques.

✅ Publish attractive and quality content.

✅ Have a well-filled and conditioned profile (don’t forget the link of your biography)

✅ Take care of the brand image.

✅ Do not abuse daily publications or stories.

✅ Respond to comments and messages.

✅ Interact with your community.

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